Monday, July 15, 2013

New Errata - July 2013 version

Woot, what do you expect, a new errata !! Generally, it pretty much updated due to Gargantuan / Colossal, so now it's official you cant throw them. On top of that, we saw the dreaded eGaspy get a further nerf, well kind of, stick again ! Still remember the night where the dreaded Lich use his feat and raise his undead warriors with Tartarus leading the attack ?? Now you can sleep tight for under the new errata, eLich can no longer bring back any solo... the exact wording is you can only bring back "faction grunt". But still, Tartarus is only one of the many tricks a Cryx has in their arsenal... I dont foresee how it will impact the effectiveness of the eLich list by a lot.

We then look into the Skorne faction. Nothing much has changed except some FAQ on our two warbeasts. The first is the shaman, where now you are limited to non-character warbeast animus. So no more hit and run shaman, nor you can have an additional bump or the latest, 10" double focus/fury bubble. In my opinion, no big deal as as much as these animus are useful, we do not bring shaman for the sole purpose for casting such non game changing animus. I rather use it to dispel offensive upkeep spell such as parasite or throw in an additional rush on my beast.

The 2nd change is pretty much a typo correction. In Black Art under our new kid, Despoiler, it written as you can upkeep without spending focus, focus, which is totally irrelevant to Hordes. So the FAQ change the typo. No biggies.

Overall the errata is pretty much an FAQ to update the MK II book and clarifying on a few things. I dont see any game changing changes in there, albeit a welcome one.

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