Monday, July 15, 2013

New Errata - July 2013 version

Woot, what do you expect, a new errata !! Generally, it pretty much updated due to Gargantuan / Colossal, so now it's official you cant throw them. On top of that, we saw the dreaded eGaspy get a further nerf, well kind of, stick again ! Still remember the night where the dreaded Lich use his feat and raise his undead warriors with Tartarus leading the attack ?? Now you can sleep tight for under the new errata, eLich can no longer bring back any solo... the exact wording is you can only bring back "faction grunt". But still, Tartarus is only one of the many tricks a Cryx has in their arsenal... I dont foresee how it will impact the effectiveness of the eLich list by a lot.

We then look into the Skorne faction. Nothing much has changed except some FAQ on our two warbeasts. The first is the shaman, where now you are limited to non-character warbeast animus. So no more hit and run shaman, nor you can have an additional bump or the latest, 10" double focus/fury bubble. In my opinion, no big deal as as much as these animus are useful, we do not bring shaman for the sole purpose for casting such non game changing animus. I rather use it to dispel offensive upkeep spell such as parasite or throw in an additional rush on my beast.

The 2nd change is pretty much a typo correction. In Black Art under our new kid, Despoiler, it written as you can upkeep without spending focus, focus, which is totally irrelevant to Hordes. So the FAQ change the typo. No biggies.

Overall the errata is pretty much an FAQ to update the MK II book and clarifying on a few things. I dont see any game changing changes in there, albeit a welcome one.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Skorne Rumor: Mammoth

Rumor summary: Range 10 Power 15 ROF 3 AOE 4 gun, Fist 19, Tusk 17, FURY 5, RAT 3, MAT 5, assault, bulldoze, animus is counter blast, PC 20.

Cool model & awesome melee capability. I dont expect Mammoth to cripple any high arm jack/beast, seeing him only RAT 3, but I do looking forward how this guy give Skorne another viable option to tackle high def infantry other than eHexy's A2A. Definitely not a beast to mess in close combat even its only MAT 5. I believe this giant beast does not require much buff as it's quite capable of clearing charge line and killing things by its own stats. The only thing that made me have doubt to fill him is he PC as I can play 2 BBs which is equivalent killy, if not more, but BBs do need support to avoid getting clog up by infantry. Decision decision... 

Skorne Rumor: Mortitheurge Willbreaker

Rumor summary: Standard solo stat, 5 boxes. Puppet master, beast master, ancillary attack & influence. 2 pts solo FA 2.

Oh boy, if this guy is as good as what been told, I betcha we will get to see more playtime with low FURY caster like Morghoul. I have been playing pMorghoul for the past 2 months and FURY 5 is a real concern for pMorghoul as it force you to bring your low arm caster to go up whenever your beast go, risking him getting assassinated by all kinds of means. With this new solo, you can actually extend the beast manipulation control bubble by 100% of Morghoul. I would have to say this is my most looking forward model of 2013, even more so than the Mammoth.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Battle Summary on 26th Oct 2012

It been quite some time since I last updated my blog and I guess it's that time again to refresh the blog itself. Many of you knows I am very much into Warmachine/Hordes and I am enjoying even though it's a completely different mechanism compare to 40k.

As much as I would like my battle report as complete as my other gaming mates are, I must apologize for the missing of photos. So I guess I'll just summarize the games I have rather than creating a standard write up plus photo, sorry !

26 Oct is a good day as it's a public holiday for Malaysians and most importantly, I get to play as much as I want for the whole afternoon ! I had total of 4 games on the afternoon itself with my pMorghoul list. For the benefit of everyone, my 35 pts list is as below,

Titan Gladiator
Molik Karn
max Gatormen
min beast handler

1st Game vs Jun Nyet (Scryah)

Ah my first encounter vs Scryah... I dont see many people playing this faction and the only thing I know about them is they are an elite faction, where every unit/solo are capable of killing caster by themself, yikes !! Let's start with his list, 

Mage Hunter
Sentinel + UA
Assasin x2
Jack (forgotten its name)

Hopefully I got his list 80% correct. When he fielded his army, I was shocked, there are like 20+ infantries on the table !! Never had I fought so many infantries before, not to mention I always have problem handling infantries with my list. To the game, Jun Nyet won the roll and start the game by putting his Sentinel in front while mage hunter staying behind. I decided to avoid his Sentinels with my beast and sent in the gatormen to hold the sentinels as long as they can. At the end, I think my strategy works as I managed to breach his mage hunter gunline and kill Kael with BB.

What I have learnt in this game,

1. I can actually trample through all his small based models instead of flanking him with beast, which I learnt from Alan later.

2. Keep more furies when my own caster is at the front line. You never know when shit will happen like facing caster like Kael who can take your fury upon hitting you and use it to boost his damage. Morghoul was left with less than 5 hp on the turn he attempt to assassinate me due to I only have 2 furies on myself. No chance of transferring my damage, a very close one.

2nd Game & 3rd Game vs Alan (Troll) 

Alan's 2nd Game list,

War Wagon

Alan's 3rd Game list,

Borka + keg
War Wagon
Fennblade + UA

Both games on SR 2012 scenario and on 7 minutes timer. I am new to both elements and massacred (expected!) by Alan's troll. But thanks to him, I'm more clear and understood the rules further, and of course, a glimpse on trolls, too.

What I have learnt,

1. Placement, placement, and placement. After 5 to 6 games, I am still having trouble with my placement where I tend to block my own beast's charging lane. I seriously need to improve this.

2. I need to always make sure my beasts are within my warlock's command range. Nothing is worse than moving a beast totally out of warlock's command range and ended up seeing him unable to be forced to complete his job and die for nothing.

3. When you are unsure or cant figure out how overpowered a unit/rules are, read the stat card as there is no auto win unit in this game.

4th Game vs Cheng (Khador) 

Cheng's list,

Jack marshal which can boost jack

This time around Cheng fielded up a very jack heavy list. Pretty different from what I have seen with WM faction thus far. Cheng this time was holding back with his destroyer pot shooting over my BB while his jacks chilling at the back getting ready to counter attack. Seeing I have no way to counter his range, I have no choice but to play to his game. I sent in Gatormen as tarpit and let beasts beat down 2 of his jack + Drakhun and quickly abuse + rush + enraged on MK to assassinate Butcher before he can kill my beasts.

What I have learnt,

1. I need to protect my beasts better. My BB was killed before reaching into fights by manhunter charging and 2 turns destroyers shooting.
2. Need to time my feat better. I pop feat on my turn 2 when I was expecting Cheng's jack charge into my gatormen. Come on, I was popping feat to rescue my tarpit who are suppose to die ?! What the hell am I thinking. Even Cheng agreed at the end of the game that my feat timing wasnt very effective.

Alright, that's pretty much sum up the day itself. Thanks for reading and I promised next battle report will have photos !!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chaos Space Marine Army for Sell

I have noticed myself has lost the motivation to play CSM after a year with them and I felt that I need a 2nd army to motivate me to play 40k again. And due to the lack of space in my room, I decided to sell them off to make space if someone interested on them. I havent really make up my mind on how much I want to sell them but feel free to put in your offer if you are interested on them.


Abaddon the Despoiler (painted)
Kharn the Betrayer (painted)
Sorceror (painted)
Nurgle Daemon Prince (heavily converted and painted beautifully)
Slaanesh Daemon Prince (converted by myself using Deceiver)

16x Berzerkers (two skull with fist, painted)
8x Plague Marines (two meltaguns, champ with fist)
1x Rhino in Nurgle theme (painted)
1x Rhino in WE theme (comes with Forge World door and painted above average)
1x Rhino (base coated in black)

F. Attack:
3x Chaos Bikers (base coated in black)

H. Support:

Defiler (painted beautifully, some part need repair though)
Chaos Land Raider (base coated in black)
3x Obliterators (painted)
3x Obliterators (converted by Wong via Chaos Termies, base coated in black)
4x Havocs with Autocannon, one of them come with CL backpack which act as IoCG (painted)
1x Havocs with Lascannon (base coated in black, one leg is replaced by a daemon arm)


"painted" - When I said so, the model is painted by me. I'm not a good painter be frank, so the model painted by me is in acceptable condition.

"painted blah blah blah" - As per the description, these are not done by me.

I will try to post up some pictures, if that is the interest of anyone. I will gradually update this post as well as I have bunch of marine with special weapon (meltaguns and plasmaguns). I'll give my 40k fellow a month to offer me before I throw them on eBay.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Reporting to Fantasy

With the launching of Fantasy 8th Edition rules, I have jump into the bandwagon of playing fantasy. After playing a few games with the new rules, I noticed there's quite a significant difference between the 40k and fantasy rules,

1) Close combat are much more rewarding. There are quite a number of penalty will be incurred on the shooters in fantasy which somehow protect your unit overall. And with a couple of special close combat rules such as pursue off the table and pursue into another unit somehow prolong the survivability of the unit.

2) Maneuvering your unit is longer an easy task. In fact, maneuvering your unit is one of the most important aspect in fantasy which can proved the difference between a veteran and a freshman. Maneuvering is complicated at first sight, but once you have mastered it, your army strength shall folded twice.

3) Army are well balance. With most army sharing the same magic lore and I believe the codex of each army are better written too, compare to 40k, many have already calls that this edition is the most balance edition ever. I'm playing Bret right now, a very old yet compact codex, but still prove to be able to put up a fight.

4) Hordes rules !! With the Hordes & Steadfast rule in place, I can foresee most armies will play their cheapest unit block. I expect people to tend to throw in a few big block (30+ models per block) on the table. Phew, that's sure a lot of dices to roll.

5) Plan ahead in your next turn. 40k is simple when it comes to planning as you move, shoot and assault all on your turn. You can just plan what you want to do that particular turn and execute your plan in one turn. However, that is different from fantasy as you need to assault on the first phase of your movement turn, which forced you think what your opponent will do should you do this and that in this turn as you might out of charging distance (there is a certain risk when charging out of your movement range, treat it you always charge through difficult terrain in 40k). It's kinda tricky when comes to planning in fantasy compare to 40k, but it sure proved critical when it comes to tournament level.

That's what I have learned thus far after a few games of fantasy. I might be wrong as I only have a handful of game and yet to face any other army other than DE and Bret. Feel free to drop your comment.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Relook into Khornate

The 1st phase of the league is coming to an end. I'm more than happy on the result I have managed to achieved in the league table thus far. While waiting for the league finale, I have suddenly redevelop my old interest in Khorne army again. I always have a special favor towards Khorne since the day I get to know Warhammer 40k and play zerkers heavy army on my first day on TT. However, I have abandon them (sadly) due to I found that I have reached a bottleneck where I could not lead my beloved zerker into competitive scene.

After a year, I felt that I have get the hang of 40k rules than I was first introduced to this game, and I have improved overall as a player in the sense of tactic and strategy (hopefully I'm right on this!). I'm ready to look into a full khornate army again.

Here's the list that I initially drafted,

World Eaters Again v2


7 men Chosen, 3x melta, 2x pf, rhino

8 men PSM

20 men berzerkers, champ, pf

5 men CSM, IoCG, rhino

8 men Havocs, 4x autocannon, IoCG

1 Land Raider, EA

Yes you read it right, the 20 zerkers squad are footslogging !! Cant believe in a mech heavy meta games nowadays some marine are still travel by foot eh ?? The doctrine is simple, abby ride in LR with 8 PSM to absorb firepower while zerkers following tightly behind the LR to gain cover save. The rest are pretty much self explained. The only problem I foresee is that I might suffer against 2x LRs army as I initially plan to throw in 2 obliterators but unfortunately dont have enough points to do so. Well... I'll play test this fun list this weekend and we'll see how.

Hopefully this time around I can play them cunning and right.

PS. I was always wondering what happened if Khorne start to "think" cunningly, Fear the Khorne ?? xD